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Award winning wild camping
GLamping & Camping Pitches available 


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            The farm is owned by ecologists couple, who are passionate about the outstanding wildlife the farm supports. Their priority is to conserve and enhance the farm for nature, and grazing livestock is integral to this goal. Managed organically (without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals), the grassland is grazed by a herd rare and endangered cattle, it is nestled within a private stretch of the idyllic Taw river within the truly enchanting valley full of wildlife, set in the beautiful North Devon countryside.

Traditionally managed, flower rich meadows bordered by dense berry and flower filled hedgerows and ancient woodland. The meadows are also home to the flock of laying hens, and their guardian cockerel to provide the most delicious organic eggs.

Be inspired by nature, reconnect, be happy, sleep, fall in love. Turn off your phone and savour the quiet. Rise with the sun, marvel at the dawn chorus, awaken your senses and feel revived to back pedal, muse, and wonder.

At dusk bats fly overhead and owls can be heard calling across the river, which itself is home to not only salmon, but warblers, curlews, egrets, otter, geese, ducks and swans....

This is responsible and sustainable farming and tourism at its best, limited guests and no overcrowding.


A slice of nature in Devon
So much to do nearby

Get ready for stunning views and to see nature at its best

Devon is packed with amazing days out, from the Milky way theme park to Go ape we have it all

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